Financially help TCHA to help raise awareness for the protection of Victoria’s high conservation value forests, water catchments and endangered species. 

This year, TCHA will be running a series of projects:

Water Forested catchments to be protected from logging to ensure clean and abundant water supplies.
Work with the scientific community, community and government to protect Melbournes water supply from the continued woodchipping.
Includes participation in the Vic Governments white paper.
Promotion of environmentally friendly Paper purchasing and usage.
Highlight the issues in the media and in community’s effected by broad scale woodchipping.

Climate to protect forests as an immediate solution to stop climate change- projects to educate people on Victoria’s forested ‘carbon sinks’ and the value of our forested landscapes.
Climate and Forests workshops, network groups, seminars, fundraising for scientific assessments of the carbon value of Vics forests

Biodiversity protecting our forested regions, strengthening acts such as the EPBC Act to provide a framework for the legal protection of endangered species. Linking forests and restoring forest refugias for endangered species and ecosystems. see projects.
Requesting the Government for greater funding of science and biodiversity by their departments.
More monitoring, surveying of endangered species. Including distribution of threatened species information to international organisations such as the IUCN.
Connectivity programs such as  Atherton to the Alps program- alps to ath latest small.pdf
We are successful in what we do but we need your financial support.


Peter Rawlinson Award ACF- Highly commended nomination 2006

Environmental and fundraising achievements

Raised more than $40,000 in donations over 3 years for our organisation TCHA
This was achieved via 
Partnership  grants with Lawyers for Forests and The Wilderness Society with foundations such as Fouress and Reichstein.
TCHA’s paid memberships and small donations.
 Major donors.

TCHA also managed strategic gifting of non-monetary donations. Some of the goods and services acquired were computers, internet services, software, phones and office space. 

TCHA effectively conducted many tours: Liberal Party, CEO’s and business leaders, Labor advisers, celebrities, International visitors, students and interested community members

Campaign achievements:

Prevented 10 km’s of Baw Baw’s infamous South face Road from dividing Baw Baw National Park and Yarra Ranges National Park (site of Global zoological significance).
Protection from logging for the Thomson river and alpine fens including government recognition of an ecological vegetaion classing for alpine montane fens.
60 hectares of alpine forest protected between the Mt Bullfight conservation reserve and Lake Mountain -Yarra Ranges National Park (Important Leadbeaters Possum link).
5000 hectares of prime forest linking Baw Baw National Park and the Yarra Ranges National Park, last remaining Baw Baw frog habitat- 
Stopped the Melbourne water catchments ‘illegal’ fuel break from continuing after recognition that the logging of National parks and endangered species habitat was not undertaken with federal EPBC approval.
Result: A minimum of 5000 hectares of water catchments forest will now be reserved from logging as a result of the firebreak illegal activity identified by TCHA.Paper.html

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